A performance video for SCAD DeFine Art 2019 performance special guest and SCAD alumna, BOSCO. It uses her song, ‘Cruel.’ Artist, Emeka Alams’s video projections were displayed as a backdrop for the concert.
(Music: Cruel by BOSCO)
Lyrics Used
[Verse 1]
7:45 on the boulevard
Cruising top down 
‘til the sunset
I know we both feel it
We gone live it, hit the J
Blow the ashes in the wind
Highway, we out of sight
Let’s ride tonight
Where do we go
I don't know where you've been
[Verse 2]
I stop then you go
Word List
Young, Music Video, Chill, Vibes, Young, SCAD, Relaxed, Grunge, Artsy, Concert, Cool Tones, Fun
Style Inspiration
Color Palette
Overall Visual Colors
I played into the colors that Bosco used for her performance, and also enhanced the saturation of the overall footage
Cel Colors
I used bright, neon colors for the cel animation because it coincided with the aesthetic that I was portraying as well as complimented the blue-purple color palette of the footage.

Still from footage from BOSCO’s SCAD performance

Still from footage of a building in downtown Savannah, GA

Footage of downtown Savannah, GA is found throughout this piece as a visual reminder to the viewer that the performance took place at the SCAD Museum of Art, which is located in downtown Savannah, GA.
Performance + Building
Performance + Building
Composite + Cel
Composite + Cel
Additional Cel
Additional Cel
Performance + Building
It also references Emeka Alams’s use of composting multiple clips.
Composite + Cel
Cel included to enhance the set aesthetic and blending the footage.
Additional Cel
Adding additional textures and dimension to the composite.
Final Frames

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