Take Me Back to 2019
In an effort to explain my frustrations with all the craziness of 2020, I used a sound bite from Ricky Thompson's Instagram in March. In his narration, he speaks about how absurd and scary 2020 had become at the time and his desire and wish to escape back to the year 2019.
A rated-R film might refer to the sound bite as “harsh language,” but it articulated everything that I probably would have never said aloud with the same emphasis. This piece was a pivotal one during my undergraduate work - it allowed me to explore and work through how to communicate something out of my comfort zone or self. My professor, my mother, and other peers were shocked that I chose this audio, but to this day, it’s one that I continue to be proud of because as much as it brought release and cheer to me and others during an unprecedented time, it also helped me overcome my fear of typography, which I can now say I’m a fan.
(Narration: Ricky Thompson; Original Audio: Instagram)
Honestly, take me back to 2019, PLEASE. I’m ready to go back to 2019, like FUCK. It wasn’t that bad of a year. I was just dramatic because I don’t know what the FUCK is going on in 2020, bitch. It’s only been 3 months. 3 months and all this shit is going down. Bitch, fuck. Cancel 2020, bitch. I don’t want it. Take her back. Who the fuck pissed off 2020 - I would love to know. Cause bitch drop your location, ‘cause I wanna talk. I wanna have a conversation. I wanna sort some things out because what the FUCK. WHAT. THE. FUCK-ITY FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FICKITY FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK is going on, bitch. This shit is not cute. NOT CUTE. NOOOOOOT CUTE. Take me back, please. 2019, I’m so sorry for talking all this shit but take me back, please. Take me back. I wanna go back so bad, bitch, PLEASE.
Mood Board
Type Board
Text Explorations
Helvetica Nue Bold
This ended up being my final choice of typeface because the sans serif gave the bold, impact statement I was searching for, along with legibility, which is key because the audio I had chosen was spoken quickly.
I was looking for a tape inspired typeface in the hopes of giving the project an added texture feel - whether that be digitally or constructing it myself. In the end, the flatness of this font did not add the dimension I had aspired to find.
Preliminary Test
Secondary Test
Storyboard Test
Final Frames

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