Endless Possibilities
In an effort to explain how one will be okay as they move on from a previous time or relationship in their life. The viewer is supposed to be left feeling empowered knowing that they possess everything within themselves to be happy and have a wonderful life and that their purpose in life is not dependent on others, but rather finding home within yourself.
Word List
Appearance, Before, Chance, Choice, Comfort, Different, Dreams, Endless, Ever-evolving, Excitement, Experience, Fleeting, Future, Learning, Life, Molds, New, Now, Options, Path, Potential, Present, Reality, Reinvent, Reroute, Shapes, Something, Travel, Truth, Unknown, Validity, Vision, Wonder
Reflecting on “Possibility”
When I think of the word possibility, I think of wonder & chance & how that leads something new, which is exciting because it means potential for what is already unknown. I find comfort in the unknown because new experiences in our lives help shape us as people & are learning experiences. It is something different than before, than now & allows someone to reinvent themselves or something. It is not stagnant - it is ever-evolving. It is not concrete & it shapes & molds to your vision as you go through life. It has no dead ends.
Knowing I would’ve never left, if you hadn’t first. In fact, I stayed afterward thinking you’d be back. Now, I’m thankful for the time you stayed and the time we shared - I may never get it back or experience it again, but here I am, found, again, by myself - my greatest companion and friend. And while there were endless possibilities that I sought alongside you, they’re still possible on my own. I’m never lonely, even in my union of one because I already have what I need inside of me. So join me, if you please, but either way, I’ll carry on without delay.
Initial Color Palette
Initial Storyboard Color Test
Preliminary Design Test

Initially very inspired by Morgan Harper Nichols’s work, my goal was to make a cel animated piece in a similar color palette
Preliminary Motion Test
Color Palette Evolution

While scrolling on Instagram, I found this color palette that really spoke to me and that I felt was more suited for this project. I was enamored by the beautiful gradients they created together and how they could be used a plot device for my piece. As the colors shift from a blue-green gradient to a solid orange at the end, it is a visual cue to the viewer that the speaker now has a confident, independent tone versus the starting mournful voice in describing a previous time in their life.
Storyboard Color Test
Text Explorations
Coolvetica (Heavy)

I wanted a clean, modern feeling for the type and used this variation of Helvetica type that gave the impact I was looking for.
Coolvetica (Heavy Italic)

I chose to also include an italicized version of the already heavy type for an additional level of sass and emphasis that would have been lacking without it.
Final Frames

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