The Home Edit - Title Sequence
Reimagining the title sequence for The Home Edit, a Netflix series featuring Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer. The rebranded design system aims to reduce the distractions in transitions, main titles in order to elevate its brand and show value.
(Sound Designer: Micheal Karaman, Designer and Animator: Anna Yang, Sabrina Guyton )
The Home Edit - Show Package
A show package to compliment the title sequence we designed showcasing the title sequence, show transitions, show thumbnails, instagram profile, and moving poster.
(Music: Can’t Remember by Player Dave)
Show Package Rebrand
‘The Home Edit’ is a Netflix series that follows Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer speedily declutter, sort, and organize celebrities’ spaces. The remainder of these 40-minute episodes is dedicated to organizing the space of someone in a nearby area that could benefit from this duo’s help. Each section of the show is categorized as well from client and then subcategories of their process of organizing the space. This show connects to Netflix’s brand because Netflix has created their own series so that viewers can have the option to watch every genre of show.
As for the show package rebrand direction, we want to still keep their signature color scheme, the rainbow, but rework on the overall design and utilization of the visual elements.
Strategy: Reimagine and rework every design detail of the show with a minimal, content-driven, fast-paced, modern and refreshing perspective. The rebranded design system aim to reduce the distractions in transitions, main titles in order to elevate its brand and show value.
Word List
Aesthetic, Arranged, Balance, Clean, Communicative, Contemporary, Container, Functional, Gradient, Harmony, Informative, Logical, Minimalistic, Modern, Multipurpose, Neat, Organized, Rainbow, Rectangular, Simple, Structured, Style, Systematic, Tidy, Transformative, Universal, Voice
Color Palette

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Type Study
Final Frames
Final Transition Frames

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